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Discover a complete range of services perfectly tailored to your company’s needs. From colocation options to advanced connectivity and expert technical management, Templus is committed to providing comprehensive and customized solutions to optimize your technological infrastructure.


Conectivity Services

On Site Services

on site services


Colocation is the best formula for outsourcing security and managing your IT infrastructure by renting space, equipment, and services in a data center. it is similar to a building block, with both private and shared areas or resources. At Templus, we also offer a colocation area that includes everything you need for your connectivity, whether you’re a startup or a global company.

Our data centers are equipped with 100% classified A and B power sources, and so the entire system remains operational even in the event of power outages. We also guarantee resilient infrastructure that complies with ASHRAE A1 standards. All blank space areas are monitored by CCTV and provide rack-level power measurement. There is an online DCIM portal service for real-time monitoring of your energy consumption and environmental conditions, which you can supervise from any location simply by connecting to a computer, and a 24/7 helpline for when you need assistance from a real person.

Conectivity Services

In addition to our standard colocation services, Templus allows access to a complete digital marketplace. This encompasses all terrestrial and mobile network providers, managed service providers, cybersecurity, content, or cloud providers. All these companies are present on our platform, building up digital ecosystems crucial for your business.

Being able to interconnect with all of them immediately and completely securely ensures that your business can always continue to grow wherever and whenever needed.

On Site Services

You will never be far from one of our data centers, but time is money, and you want to focus on your business. That’s when you can access our technicians who can work remotely for you.

Some of the services they offer include unpacking and installing hardware, testing circuits, rebooting systems, wiring inside cabinets, and installing network connectivity. In summary, Templus offers the technical support you need, when you need it.

Our services include

  • Preparation, unpacking, packaging, shipping
  • Installation or relocation of equipment
  • Testing of internal carrier circuits
  • Power cycling of routers, switches, and servers
  • Providing visual checks to aid remote issue resolution
  • Installation of client-specified wiring
  • Verification of cable integrity
  • Extension of connection cables to your equipment

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